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From left: Boston Public Schools Superintendent Brenda Cassellius, Mayor Michelle Wu, and school committee Chairperson Jeri Robinson spoke outside Brighton High School on Feb. 8 after Cassellius announced her departure.

Scathing report, tricky path forward for Boston Public Schools

The help needs to go directly into the classroom in the form of additional teachers, paraprofessionals, and health and welfare personnel. What is not needed is any more central office "resources."

Alumni Hall at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

State’s higher-ed system needs more than an internship boost

In Massachusetts, tuition and student debt continue to rise while state education budgets fall. Since 2001, when my youngest was born, Massachusetts has seen a 32 percent drop in higher-education funding.

Mayor Michelle Wu and state regulators are expected to meet on Tuesday to discuss a new audit of Boston Public Schools that found the system hobbled by "entrenched dysfunction."

A damning audit calls for action at BPS

It’s up to Mayor Wu to take action that would ward off state takeover of the Boston schools.


Massachusetts’ failure to forestall growing segregation

The state’s failure to provide leadership for the past two decades has left Massachusetts schools highly segregated by race, ethnicity, and income.

Demonstrators outside the White House on May 11 protested against new rules proposed by the Education Department governing a federal grant program for charter schools. Critics say the proposed rules are overly restrictive and would thwart the growth of charter schools, whose 3.6 million students are largely Black and Hispanic.

Proposed federal changes would hurt charter schools

The DOE proposals would make it more onerous for schools to receive federal startup grants hurt existing charters, which serve mostly Black and Latino families.

A firestorm of online invective engulfed Natalie Shclover, a senior at the University of Connecticut, following an argument at a campus library, and she became concerned about threats to her safety.

Jewish students feel ostracized — and unsupported — over Israel views

When they have reported this to administrators, they have often encountered a refusal to acknowledge and provide redress for their experiences of discrimination.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu was joined on May 12 at a press conference outside the McKinley Elementary School in the South End by Boston Public Schools Superintendent Brenda Cassellius (standing next to the mayor ) and, from left, School Committee Chair Jeri Robinson, Chief of Operations Dion Irish, and Boston Teachers Union president Jessica Tang, along with BPS community members.

Question of a state takeover of BPS stirs debate

Successful strategies deployed by receivers could be implemented in Boston without a state takeover. The point is that they haven’t been.