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Will Mass. keep leading or backslide on education? Keep an eye on union push.

Given its purview in public education, the MTA, like politicians, should also be held to high standards of transparency and accountability.


Crafting is my pedagogical love language — and it works wonders in the college classroom

One professor’s mission to bring joy and play — and to boost learning — with Shrinky Dinks, friendship bracelets, and cereal box looms.


It’s a mistake to make students reveal their pronouns

In an age of inclusivity, gender identity should still be allowed to remain a private matter.


Building a class

Any particular qualifications of an individual applicant are secondary considerations to the primary one — how will the applicant contribute to that year’s class.


A welcome alternative to the lack of academic freedom on college campuses

I asked my 10 students: How many of you have withheld a social or political opinion at your campus for fear of ostracism or retribution? Nine raised their hands. It was apparent that they desired an academic environment that prioritizes freedom of expression and open inquiry.


Public support for campus free speech is an essential qualification for college presidents

College presidents have been in a position to protect the rights of faculty and students, yet they have utterly failed in this mission.


What Harvard means by ‘diversity’

Harvard’s 82-to-1 faculty ratio of liberals to conservatives makes a mockery of the university’s avowed commitment to diversity.


Informers on campus

Large majorities of college students believe that anyone who says something considered offensive should be reported.