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What my autistic son’s cold cheeseburgers taught me about bureaucracy

We spent a summer in an environment of organized stupidity, with all the exits blocked.


Everyone is getting into the trademark game

Because — why not? There is ample precedent for what sound like frivolous filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office.


The beauty of ugliness

The body positivity movement wants to call everyone beautiful. But what if instead of gazing into the mirror we smashed it?


My stepfather was dying. Why wouldn’t his doctors just say so?

No one wants to say, ‘Your life is coming to an end. You’re going to die, most likely soon.’ But false hope doesn’t serve the terminally ill and their loved ones, either.


Plastic actually isn’t cheap

We no longer can ignore the true costs of the material that pervades our lives — and our bodies.


Silver linings playbook: Making the most of our bonus years

A new column about embracing life as an old person.


Inspiration is a beast. You have to feed it.

Boston-based illustrator Dani Pendergast describes what goes into her creative process.


The absurd, haunting, anonymous horses of Ponyhenge

Once we put an old rocking horse out to pasture. Twelve years later, the field is home to a mysterious communal art project.