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Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger on Sept. 16, 1972.

American hypocrisy comes back to bite us

A new book details a genocide that occurred while the United States looked away. And it is not just a Cold War story. 15 minutes ago

People gathered outside of the Tops supermarket on Sunday in Buffalo. The day before, a gunman opened fire at the store, killing 10 people and wounding another three.

The politics of white backlash and the endless cycle of racial violence, division, and anger

The 19th-century “Lost Cause” advocates have become the 21st-century defenders of a racial status quo many thought relegated to history’s dustbin in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s election. 14 minutes ago

A Boston Herald-Traveler article about 14-year-old Rocky Chamberlain, who ran in the 1967 Boston Marathon and whose "Beatle-type" hair style caused some to think he was the third girl running in that year's race.

Gender panic on Heartbreak Hill

At the Boston Marathon in 1967, the patriarchy won the battle. In 1972, it lost the war.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a political rally last Saturday.

Germany’s epic ‘rupture in time’

For Europe’s leading power, rebuilding the military marks a generational change of consciousness.

Mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan, 1984.

After enduring war in Afghanistan, I think it’s a mistake to arm Ukraine

Prolonging a conflict has long-term consequences we can’t always imagine.

"There’s a growing contingent of Gen Z knowledge workers who are test-driving a new version of adult social life — one centered outside of the workplace."

My generation isn’t looking to make friends at work

Offices will never be the social hubs they once were. It’s better this way.

W.E.B. Du Bois at Atlanta University, 1909.

An empire of rubber and dashed dreams of Black prosperity in Liberia

Where W.E.B. Du Bois envisioned a new kind of plantation, the Firestone company saw only profit.

The 1,000-year old Caves Monastery, one of the world's holiest sites for Eastern Orthodox Christianity, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

This ancient monastery in Kyiv is at the heart of Putin’s spurious rationale for the war in Ukraine

Rich in lore and steeped in mysticism, the 11th-century Caves Monastery is a treasure of unparalleled cultural importance.