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The myth of right to shelter in Massachusetts

While we would be provided a hotel to live in, it was located 108 miles from our home community. With our schools, jobs, and doctors all in the proximity of our hometown, this move threatened to destabilize our lives beyond the havoc wrought by homelessness.


The key to more housing is in our own backyards

Accessory dwelling units can address housing needs without disrupting the character of communities.


Four steps the new housing secretary should take

These steps would help thousands of residents secure affordable housing.


How the private sector can ease housing crisis

A project in East Boston illustrates how a partnership between the public sector, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector can secure housing. This kind of partnership can be replicated throughout the state.


Have an extra room in your home? Host a migrant.

While the state works to assign newly arrived migrants to long-term shelters, which can take a couple of days, most of them need to find a place to stay in the meantime.


Does a housing application really need to be 30 pages long?

Securing a spot in an income-restricted unit shouldn’t be so difficult. But in Massachusetts, the application process has become so onerous that it undermines the whole purpose of subsidized housing.


Vacant after the pandemic, downtown offices might find new life as housing

Wu administration opens a narrow window for tax breaks for developers ready to turn office space into housing.


Bidding wars … unbridled greed … how does rent control sound now?

Bidding wars in the Boston rental market are not just caused by a housing shortage. Let’s talk about how those who invest in housing are profiting off of hard-working people.