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Open Mass. beaches to everyone — with buses

Much of our state’s iconic coastline is effectively off-limits except to a select few. Here’s a way to change that.


What Deshaun Watson and Robert Kraft have in common

The higher up you are in the power pyramid — team owner versus pro athlete versus everyone else — the less the rules apply to you.


Bachelorette parties in P-town often destroy safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people

We call this process “hetrification.” Like gentrification, hetrification occurs when people feel privileged to take over the spaces of others.


A recession, if we choose

An obsession with tamping down inflation at any cost will hurt low-wage workers the most.


How to create a community where we all want to live? Tax the rich.

I want nothing more than to create a community that values education, robust public resources, and collective investment in shared well-being.


Cutting the working poor a break on T fares

Senate looks to ease the burden of transit costs on those can least afford them.


In push for educator diversity, state needs to boost emergency license holders

Our outreach to emergency license holders has convinced us that these individuals are not just a stopgap for COVID-related staffing but rather, in many ways, are the future of teaching in many of our districts.


Why thousands of undocumented children deserve comprehensive MassHealth coverage

From a health equity standpoint, the Legislature should extend coverage to undocumented kids via the Cover All Kids bill. It’s smart policy to invest in their health care now to avoid much larger costs down the road.