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Trump’s 50-year playbook of lie, deflect, and deny

Trump’s long track record of questionable behavior, so excessively dishonorable and often outright heinous, practically drowns out the act of allegedly paying hush money to a porn star. 26 minutes ago


How Massachusetts can protect trans people

The Legislature should pass bills requiring parity in primary care, eliminating cost-sharing, and protecting health care providers. 1 hour ago


Trump’s indictment lands in two separate media realities

CNN and MSNBC were cautious, while Fox News went into full conspiracy theory mode. 39 minutes ago


Juvenile justice should focus on rehabilitation not punishment

We can’t ignore the fact that justice-involved 18- to 25-year-olds have been ill served by a system that relies on excessive punishment, fails to rehabilitate them, and perpetuates racial disparities.


Twitter is quick to attack young journalists. Take it from me.

What followed the publication of my op-ed was an onslaught of online hate.


The reawakening of ‘woke-ism’

For centuries its meaning was straightforward. Who could imagine that a word could be catapulted so far from its true meaning?


Death on the installment plan

Is so-called “death with dignity” — now legal in 10 states and Washington, D.C. — destined to become the prerogative of the well-to-do?


I covered Mel King as a ‘radical’ instead of a visionary ahead of his time

I believe in the power of protest, yet I presented King as a threat to the power structure. But King saw his mission as something very different.