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The alarming erosion of press freedom in Central America

José Rubén Zamora’s case stands as one example of the pernicious backsliding into authoritarianism of various degrees that’s happened in the region in the last few years.


Dempsey is Democrats’ best pick for auditor

An open race for this watchdog post is a once in a generation opportunity to change its focus.


Despite setbacks, Afghan women refuse to be silenced

In the newly expanded diaspora, exiles have been caring for their families while forming new and larger networks. Now scattered to the wind, they connect in cyberspace.


House Speaker Ron Mariano may have SHOVID

State House Obscured-Viewpoint Interpretive Disorder is a dangerous political malady.


Acting the part

We are no strangers to actor-politicians.


More mush from Mike Pence

At a Politics & Eggs breakfast at Saint Anselm College, Pence stayed true to reputation.


Liz Cheney’s loss is grim news for America

Although she will soldier on in the cause of truth, her platform has shrunk.


Millions of Americans believe political violence is justified. Here’s how to prevent it.

The plan is simple and something many of our political leaders already know in their hearts and minds that we need.