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Patients’ rights in the Live Free or Die state

Spotlight’s exposure of Dr. Yvon Baribeau’s record shows need for transparency in malpractice cases.


The latest COVID booster is recommended for pregnant women, so why don’t more of them know that?

Online, a pregnancy information quagmire teems with misinformation about what’s safe and what isn’t. It’s time to share the latest good news widely.


Biden brings cancer fight to the fore

Until we face the toxic world we have created, we will never lick cancer, which seems to present more as a reaction to modern life than a disease.


Baker slows lawmakers’ bid to transform state public health system

The Legislature passed a bill that provides the blueprint for spending federal ARPA money and will ensure that residents of the Commonwealth are provided with foundational public health services. Unfortunately, Governor Baker returned the bill with an amendment.


Woke medicine doesn’t mean worse medicine

Antiracism training isn’t a substitute for what doctors typically learn. It’s an enhancement — and it’s exactly what the health care system needs.


Two red states show how the nation’s public health system can be fixed

Reforms in Kentucky and Indiana suggest a path forward.


Higher PFAS levels in Cambridge stir renewed calls for safeguards

Massachusetts needs to catch up with the many states that have acted to protect their residents from PFAS in consumer products.


Financial support is one of the best tools for battling the drug epidemic

I know the power of financial support because it was critical for my own recovery.