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Congress can’t regulate AI. It’s too complex.

Artificial intelligence is an extremely fast-moving and increasingly diversified field, which makes it a poor match for slow-moving regulatory and judicial processes.


AI is coming to our neighborhoods and will show us the future of cities

Our research at MIT has found that once trained, visual AI is shockingly accurate at predicting property values, crime rates, and even public health outcomes.


In 1909, E.M. Forster foresaw the real threat from AI

Long before Hollywood made killer robots seem all too plausible, the British author worried that technology would undermine humanity by making life too easy.


Is AI really as good as advertised?

Claims that machines will surpass human smarts overlook one bedrock problem: A lot of real-world AI doesn’t work all that well.


How our ‘Boston Globe’ led to ChatGPT

The name of your favorite newspaper is the kind of thing that used to trip computers up.


Congress should follow EU’s lead on regulating AI

It is vital that Congress develop an independent oversight and regulatory body modeled on the one being proposed for the European Union.


How to use ChatGPT to apologize

It’s hard to say you’re sorry. Under the right circumstances, it’s OK to ask a computer for help.


Wait, ChatGPT didn’t take my job?

AI is often portrayed as a job killer. But companies are likely to use the technology to get more done with the same number of people.