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Being an influencer is harder than it looks

Emily Hund investigates how the shifting definition of “authenticity” is the basis of a $16 billion industry.


Are you for real? The most urgent question with artificial intelligence as a new interlocutor.

It’s ChatGPT’s fluency and even eloquence that poses its most imminent threat — it’s difficult to detect mistakes and falsehoods in text that reads like credible news.


Pondering a world without humans

Antihumanists and transhumanists see technology in totally different ways, but some of them come to the same conclusion: Homo sapiens’ time may be up.


ChatGPT taught me something powerful about human collaboration

A system that produces plausible paragraphs can chat — but will it ever be able to tell you what you really need to hear?


Europe is facing a Russian-imposed energy crisis and US military bases there could be affected

The Biden administration can revisit US agreements with host nations to ensure that the US military supports and participates in the dramatic energy transitions underway across the continent.


AI can detect signs of depression. Should we let it?

New apps promise to detect when you’re feeling blue and offer some assistance. But they still have to prove that the benefits of sharing sensitive data outweigh any drawbacks.


Is digital privacy overrated?

Law professor Orly Lobel thinks tech critics are overlooking the potential for data-driven systems to produce a fairer society.


The moral failing of ‘effective altruism’

The rise and fall of Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX stemmed from an idea taken to an absurd — yet predictable — extreme.