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Pair data-protection laws with universal opt-out mechanism

Why would Congress protect only a small proportion of citizens? What about victims of domestic violence, teachers, health care workers, our children, ourselves?


Innovation doesn’t mean what you think it does

For me, put simply, innovation is about solving problems.

Ashley Borges, and Jahmarie Davis hold up a gift shirt from the Benjamin Franklin Cumming Institute of Technology after a surprise announcement to entire 2022 Dearborn STEM Academy graduating class that they are admitted to Benjamin Franklin Cumming Institute of Technology for the fall term

Boston’s biotech boom must bring along Black and brown residents

This is immense work, and it will require the collaboration of government agencies, elected officials, developers, biotech companies, schools, and the community.


Q&A: Shouldn’t we all just use our real names online?

No, argues Jeff Kosseff. In his new book, the prominent defender of online anonymity wades into the thicket of First Amendment protections for speech on the Internet.

The logo for Meta at the company headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., on Oct. 28.

Facebook ought to be protecting democracy worldwide every day

Meta has shown it’s willing to “break glass” in case of a democratic emergency. It’s time to make that the norm rather than the exception.

Circa 1885: Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). Original artwork: engraved from a portrait by H Olde.

@FriedrichNietzsche — imagine that

The opportunity to tame and curate the metaphorical heap of information by employing the Internet’s blink-of-an-eye search tools would possibly have led to his amazed approval.


Confessions of a professional clickbait writer

Thanks to Google and some canny search engine optimization, my articles are read by hundreds of thousands of people a month. Just don’t mistake them for the best information.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus requested meetings with Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter this year to urge them to take more aggressive steps to tackle misinformation in Spanish.

Do we want social media firms censoring critiques of US role in world events?

Every war has tangled roots and causes, including the one in Ukraine. Academic and political debate about these causes should not be censored by tech companies.