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What we get wrong about teens and screens

Teenagers actually want to talk to you about their tech struggles. But you need new talking points.


Polygraphs are not the way forward in police reform

Reducing police misconduct is a worthy goal. Pretending to read the minds of police applicants with polygraphs is not the way to achieve it.


Your camera, the police, and you

When you install a surveillance device in your home or business, you’re not necessarily the one doing the watching.


My apps tracked my pregnancy and my abortion: Will deleting them protect me?

Apps designed to track reproductive cycles aren’t expendable, and telling women to delete them in light of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade isn’t a realistic option.


The James Webb Space Telescope is giving humanity what we need right now

How marvelous to see technology used for wonder and exploration rather than for power, profit, or persuasion.


Wikipedia could be the remedy for polarization

Rather than lumping Wikipedia in with the other social media platforms, we should be encouraging other platforms to take a page out of its book.


Computer chips are vital to national security. US needs to make more of them on American soil.

Congress should approve $52 billion in subsidies for the domestic semiconductor industry before it goes elsewhere.


I quit Twitter and discovered Wikipedia’s righteous, opinionated, utterly absorbing battles over The Truth

I swapped rabid fights about whose opinion is right for, it turns out, pretty much the same thing.