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There’s lots of talk about millionaires leaving Massachusetts. But will they?

Some say the new "millionaires tax" — along with other rarefied concerns — is driving wealthy residents to flee. But leaving the state behind may be harder than it seems.


New tax on high incomes could generate at least $1.4 billion next year, state officials project

Narrowly passed by voters on the November ballot, the measure increases the state’s 5 percent income tax rate to 9 percent on annual income exceeding $1 million.


Barely a month after Election Day, Galvin floats tweaks to ‘millionaires tax’ to exempt some homeowners

Voters narrowly approved the measure last month, which will add an extra state tax to incomes over $1 million a year.


The ‘millionaires tax’ is a big change for Massachusetts. What happens now?

Lawmakers could tinker with the tax code if too many people are caught up in the new tax on high earnings, but few expect changes anytime soon.


‘They just didn’t care’: Why more business leaders didn’t fight the ‘millionaires tax’

Local business leaders conceded that they struggled to recruit enough companies, their chief executives, and other heavy hitters to go public with their opposition to Question 1 — and donate to the campaign.


A warning for lawmakers in Question 1′s narrow win

Voters remain skeptical of politicians’ ability to keep their election promises to spend the millionaires tax wisely.


Here’s how every town in Mass., from richest to poorest, voted on the ‘millionaires tax’

Statewide, the extra tax on high earners won Tuesday’s election by a narrow margin, but town-by-town results were all over the map.


The ‘millionaires tax’ passed. What does that mean for your taxes?

Income doesn’t start counting toward the "millionaire’s tax" until Jan. 1, 2023. Here’s what you can do before and after then to minimize its impact on you.