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UBS ends billions in taxpayer-funded support that paved way for Credit Suisse takeover

UBS said Friday that it has shut down state support that had made available up to about $230 billion to help shepherd through its takeover of Credit Suisse to avert an international banking crisis.


Moody’s downgrades 10 regional banks as crisis pressures persist

It's the latest blow to an industry still reverberating from the March banking crisis that led three firms to collapse.


How Boston’s biggest investment bank was reborn after SVB collapsed

Four years after selling his namesake bank — a major player in Boston’s biotech scene — to SVB, Jeff Leerink has pulled it out of the rubble of the tech lender’s crash.


UBS completes takeover of Credit Suisse in deal meant to stem global financial turmoil

It’s a pivotal moment for the two Zurich-based rivals, whose combination has raised concerns about thousands of expected job losses, drawn rebukes and lawsuits over the terms of the deal, and stirred fears about the impact of creating a Swiss megabank that would be too big to fail.


Switzerland’s UBS says it could complete Credit Suisse takeover on June 12

The two Zurich-based banks are uniting in a $3.3 billion deal that was arranged hastily in March by the Swiss government and regulators.


Bank executives blame panicked depositors for failures, but senators blame them

Both Democrats and Republicans criticized the executives for taking risky actions or missing obvious problems that directly led to the demise of their banks.

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Heads of failed banks questioned on executive pay, how they handled risk at Senate hearing

Executives at Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and were paid millions of dollars over their tenures up until their banks failed, the bulk of the compensation coming in the form company stock.


Bank executives face grilling as US lawmakers pry into failures

The fight over who bears the blame for the recent US bank failures will turn ever more political on Tuesday when lawmakers grill the lenders’ former senior managers and top regulators.