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First Republic grew rapidly in Boston catering to real estate developers and wealthy homeowners

With only five branches, First Republic has become one of the largest banks in Massachusetts, more than doubling its deposits here over the past five years.


How the bank mess could push inflation lower

Lenders worried about withdrawals may make loans harder to get, which would have the same impact as a rate hike.


Warren wants Fed vice chair pick to be tougher on banks

Warren’s shifted focus underscores how the failures this month of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have changed the political calculus for any eventual nominee.

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Fed’s unwanted ally in bid to tame inflation: Credit crunch

Fewer loans would mean less spending by consumers and businesses, which in turn, would make it harder for companies to raise prices, thereby reducing inflationary pressures.


In Silicon Valley Bank collapse, affordable housing all over Boston hangs in the balance

Boston Private Bank & Trust grew into one of the biggest financiers of affordable housing in Boston. Then they were acquired by Silicon Valley Bank. So what happens now?


Credit Suisse deal halted crisis, Swiss national bank says

The $3.25 billion deal aimed to stem the upheaval in the global financial system led shares of Switzerland’s second-largest bank to tank and customers to pull out their money.


Rescuing First Republic may leave bank stockholders stranded

The bank's stock, which traded at more than $120 at the beginning of the month, is now hovering around $15.


Credit Suisse customers feel mix of anger, relief after sale

Credit Suisse’s customers are feeling a range of emotions after the government orchestrated a takeover of the country’s second-largest bank by rival UBS.