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Terrorists are paying for check marks on X, report says

The report, by the Tech Transparency Project shows that X, formerly known as Twitter, has taken payments from accounts that include Hezbollah leaders, Houthi groups, and state-run media outlets in Iran and Russia.


Fidelity’s X stake fell 72 percent in value since Musk buy

It’s the latest in a series of markdowns by Fidelity since Musk concluded the acquisition of the social media platform in October 2022.


Elon Musk restores X account of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Jones’ reinstatement poses new uncertainty for advertisers, who have fled X over concerns about hate speech appearing alongside their ads.


Ben Mezrich’s new book is on Elon Musk and how Twitter broke the billionaire

Fans of Mezrich will recognize his penchant for dramatic narrative nonfiction that Hollywood loves to make into movies and TV series.


An advertiser boycott could bankrupt X. Elon Musk’s message to them? ‘Go f--- yourself.’

Musk's message for the brands that have pulled their advertising from X after he endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory on the social media platform was simple: “Don’t advertise” and used an expletive multiple times to emphasize his point.


X has become a ‘global sewer,’ mayor of Paris says

In recent weeks, dozens of advertisers paused their campaigns on X after Musk endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory this month, and the company could lose as much as $75 million in ad revenue by the end of the year.


Elon Musk visits Israel to meet top leaders as accusations of antisemitism on X grow

Musk has faced accusations from the Anti-Defamation League, a prominent Jewish civil rights organization, and others of tolerating antisemitic messages on the platform since purchasing it last year.


X may lose up to $75 million in revenue as more advertisers pull out

Internal documents viewed by The New York Times this week show that concerns about Musk and the platform have spread far beyond companies including IBM, Apple and The Walt Disney Co., which paused their advertising campaigns on X last week.