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Red-state Democrats may defect on budget plan

 Kay Hagan of North Carolina isn’t ruling out support for extending the George W. Bushera tax cuts for top earners.

By Kathleen Hunter

Senate Democrats may have to contend with wariness from seven members who face reelection in states Mitt Romney won.

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Farah Stockman

Baby, please don’t go

By Farah Stockman

Talk of secession could be a sign of irreconcilable differences in our relationship to the federal government.

Joanna Weiss

Organizing a real Dumbledore’s Army

By Joanna Weiss

Fans of the Harry Potter novels are finding they can channel that enthusiasm into addressing problems in the real world.

Paul McMorrow

Housing as a math problem

By Paul McMorrow

The approach most cities and towns in Mass. have taken toward building housing chases young, talented workers out of the state.


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Tuition breaks for immigrants stirs debate

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Man charged in crash that kills wife, injures son

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Mass. borrowers get $266m in aid

By Jenifer B. McKim

Nearly 4,000 Mass. borrowers have received some kind of housing-debt relief this year as part of a national mortgage settlement involving five major lenders.

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Thomas W. Wolfe, 93, former Treasury official


By Neil Irwin

Wolfe, a Treasury Department official, managed the United States’ move off the gold standard and its economic consequences.

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