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Democrats strike early against Republicans in Senate race

Massachusetts Democrats, still humbled by their defeat in the 2010 special US Senate race, are targeting Senate candidate Michael J. Sullivan.

Hugo Chavez had ruled Venezuela since 1998.

Venezuela’s Chavez dies; nation roiling

The death of President Hugo Chavez after a long battle with cancer left behind a bitterly divided nation in the grip of a political crisis.

Nicholas Joy of Medford was reportedly in good spirits after being found Tuesday morning.

Medford teen a sudden Maine woods survivalist

Nicholas Joy built himself a snow cave during the two days he spent lost on Sugarloaf Mountain.

Rajiv Gupta and Peabody Essex Museum conservator Mimi Leveque watched as Padihershef headed for his CT scan.

Unraveling a mummy’s mysteries at MGH

Doctors and conservation specialists at Mass. General got their first look inside Padihershef, a 2,500 year-old mummy who has been kicking around Boston for scores of years and is believed to be the first Egyptian mummy to come to the United States. Just who Padihershef was in life is a question that has dogged Gupta and others at Mass. General, where the mummy has been a hospital fixture for nearly two centuries. But this year, with the help of $5,000 from an anonymous donor, he is getting his first up-close look.

Sean O’Malley said improvising can lead to a “lot of mistakes.”

Strong policies on abusive priests vital, O’Malley says

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley said the next pope must deal with bishops whose “malfeasance” allowed abusive priests to remain in ministry.

A general view of the main trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange during the closing moments of the trading session in New York February 27, 2007. The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared to a record closing high on March 5, 2013, breaking through levels last seen in 2007.

Dow reaches record high as stocks rally

The Dow sailed to a record high on Tuesday, surpassing its pre-recession peak even as the economic recovery remains painfully slow for millions.

Space for skepticism in Allston development’s no-parked-cars vow

Architect Sebastian Mariscal had proposed building a 44-unit apartment building in Allston and replacing the parking spaces required by city code with bike racks, storage spaces, and other amenities, allowing him to build housing more suited for people than cars. But this utopian view of the modern American city clashed with real life in Boston neighborhoods as wary longtime Allston residents fretted Mariscal’s project would only worsen parking and congestion in the area, assuming his tenants would lie and park cars on local streets.