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Obama picks Susan Rice as national security adviser

The president appointed Susan Rice as national security adviser, amid criticism over her statements on the Benghazi attack, and tapped Samantha Power as UN ambassador.

Gomez, Markey spar over D.C. gridlock, Benghazi

An aggressive Gabriel E. Gomez wasted no opportunity to mockingly highlight Democrat Edward J. Markey’s nearly four decades in Washington while Markey used the first debate of the US Senate race Wednesday to paint his Republican rival as out of step with Massachusetts values.

Coakley looking into academy chief’s salary, resume

Attorney General Martha Coakley is looking into a Globe report that Leslie Berlowitz falsely claimed to have a doctorate.

CBT Architects

Boston embraces the age of the skyscraper

Once openly hostile to tall buildings, Boston is finally embracing the age of the skyscraper.

Samantha Power outspoken voice for human rights

Diplomatic is not a word often used to describe the approach of former Harvard scholar and leading human rights advocate Samantha Power. In the early 1990s she accused the Clinton administration of being immoral for not using airstrikes to stop ethnic cleansing by Serbs.

Jason Collins has been dealing with a new level of notoriety since announcing that he is gay.

Jason Collins thrilled with ‘new life’

Since coming out as the first active gay male player in major American sports, Collins - who’s coming to Boston for Pride Week - says he’s the “happiest” he’s ever been.

The Nation

6 killed in Philadelphia building collapse

A building collapse in Philadelphia on Wednesday involved a vacant, four-story structure that was being torn down.

By Kathy Matheson

A building that was being torn down collapsed, raining bricks on a neighboring thrift store, killing six and injuring at least 14.

Obama picks Susan Rice as national security adviser

Samantha Power and Susan Rice

By Matt Viser

The president appointed Susan Rice as national security adviser, amid criticism, and tapped Samantha Power as UN ambassador.

TSA drops plan to allow small knives on planes

By Joan Lowy

By scuttling the plan to drop the knives and sports equipment from the list of prohibited items, the agency can focus its attention on other priorities.

The World

Syrian army takes pivotal city

With substantial help from Hezbollah forces from Lebanon, the Syrian army retook control of Qusair on Wednesday.

By Anne Barnard

Syrian government forces and their Hezbollah allies from Lebanon assaulted the rebel stronghold of Qusair by land and air.

Turkish activists present demands

Demonstrators clashed with riot police in Istanbul on Thursday. Protests also occurred in Ankara.

By Suzan Fraser

Activists presented demands they said could end days of anti-government demonstrations that have engulfed Turkey.

Pakistan’s new leader calls on US to end drone strikes

By Salman Masood

“We respect sovereignty of other countries,” said Pakistan’s prime minister, “but others should also respect our sovereignty.”

Editorial & Opinion


Debate a tough test for Gomez

Gabriel Gomez, left, and Edward Markey faced off in their first debate in the US Senate race.

By Joan Vennochi

Gabriel Gomez is on the wrong side of several critical issues in Mass., and Edward Markey made sure to highlight them in Wednesday night’s debate.


A snippy opening, then things got serious

By Tom Keane

After a potshot by Gabriel Gomez against Edward Markey, the debate took up tough topics: gun control, national health care, middle-class struggles, Washington scandals, immigration reform, and abortion.

alex beam

If the Internet is so smart...

By Alex Beam

The Internet may be stupid, but at least it has a sense of shame.


FBI tight-lipped on Todashev killing

Activist Dawud Walid, said the FBI needs to release details on the shooting of Ibragim Todashev (pictured).

By Maria Sacchetti

The FBI’s silence over its killing of a suspect in three Waltham deaths contrasts sharply with cases of past shootings involving agents.

US secretly collects data on business calls

By Charlie Savage and Edward Wyatt

The NSA is collecting the telephone records of millions of Verizon customers under a top-secret court order issued in April.

Yvonne Abraham

Big Boston mayoral field has big downside

By Yvonne Abraham

With 10 candidates so far, and five more awaiting certification, the race has become a battle for speaking time, as much as of ideas.

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‘Whitey’ Bulger tries to bar several journalists from trial

By Milton J. Valencia and Shelley Murphy

Rapist allegedly assaulted woman in Brockton

By Brian Ballou and John R. Ellement


‘Martha Speaks’ author sues WGBH for cut of donations

“Martha Speaks” author Susan Meddaugh (left) with WGBH staff in 2008. Meddaugh wrote the first book, which follows the adventures of a lovable dog, in 1991.

By Callum Borchers

Author and illustrator Susan Meddaugh is suing for a piece of the more than $20 million donated yearly to WGBH.

Tech Lab

Digital maps to treasure

By Hiawatha Bray

Digital maps are quite good and getting better fast, with a Google Maps update and other lesser known options.

Home seizures plunge in April

By Jenifer B. McKim

There was a 79 percent drop compared with April 2012, when 1,750 delinquent borrowers received foreclosure letters.


John McEwan, 64, was skilled administrator, teacher

John F. McEwan spearheaded changes in Whitman-Hanson district, Cardinal Spellman school.

By Emma Stickgold

Dr. McEwan spearheaded changes in the Whitman-Hanson district and Cardinal Spellman High School.

Richie Phillips, hard-charging union official

Richie Phillips (right) and umpire Bruce Froemming flashed victory to other umpires.

By Douglas Martin

Mr. Phillips, 72, was a boisterous, street-shrewd lawyer who quintupled the salaries of Major League Baseball umpires as their union representative.

Chen Xitong; mayor backed crackdown at Tiananmen

Mr. Chen, 82, was a former mayor of Beijing who backed the military crackdown on the Tiananmen Square democratic movement.


Bruins 2, Penguins 1 (2 OT)

Bruins down Penguins in a thriller

There’s a flash mob at the Garden as the Bruins celebrate after Patrice Bergeron (against boards next to Zdeno Chara, 33) scored in the second overtime to give Boston a 2-1 victory.

By Fluto Shinzawa

Patrice Bergeron more than 15 minutes into the second overtime to clinch a win for the Bruins, who took a 3-0 series lead.

Dan Shaughnessy

Bruins’ win worth staying up late for

Tomas Vokoun did a lonely skate off the ice as the Bruins celebrated their game-winning goal.

By Dan Shaughnessy

The Bruins’ epic, 95-minute win in double overtime was the latest significant Boston sports event to occur after midnight.

Rangers 3, Red Sox 2

Red Sox offense dries up vs. Rangers

John Lackey voiced his disapproval after Adrian Beltre’s fourth-inning homer.

By Peter Abraham

John Lackey held Texas to one run in six innings, but Boston’s offense vanished a night after scoring 17 runs.

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Red Sox Notebook

Will Middlebrooks must hit better to return

By Peter Abraham

Bruins notebook

Gregory Campbell injured in Bruins’ win

By Fluto Shinzawa

On hockey

Bruins’ ticket to finals all but punched now

By Kevin Paul Dupont

Penguins notebook

Tomas Vokoun stood tall in Penguins’ loss

By Nancy Marrapese-Burrell

On basketball

Ray Allen knows leaving Celtics was right move

By Gary Washburn

Golf Notes

Ex-USGA chief critical of The Country Club

By Michael Whitmer

G: Style

Chadwicks of Boston attempts a comeback

Aldus Chapin II, the CEO of Chadwicks since November 2011, believes he can bring back the clothing company’s core consumers — middle-aged women.

By Christopher Muther

Once the largest off-price catalog retailer in the country, the Randolph-based company has seen its fortunes dwindle. Can it be turned around?

Test driving the season’s new sunless tanners

Self-tanning products abound, including (from top) those from Tarté, the Kardashian line Sun Kissed, Clarins, and Perricone MD.

By Rachel Raczka

Self-tanning products abound, including those from Tarté, the Kardashian line Sun Kissed, Clarins, and Perricone MD.

Television Review

‘Graceland’ makes light work of crime fighting

Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs (left) and Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren in “Graceland.”

By Matthew Gilbert

The USA show is an unchallenging blend of simplistic characters, easy-to-follow stories, and ocean views.