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Proposed NFL concussion deal signals new era

More than 4,500 National Football League retirees, many suffering serious brain trauma from performing in a violent, multibillion-dollar industry, have tentatively reached a landmark settlement of their concussion-related lawsuits against the NFL for $765 million, a federal judge announced Thursday.

A UN chemical weapons specialist photographed a patient being treated in Damascus following last week’s attack.

Mohamed Abdullah/Reuters

Obama push to net support for Syria strike bogs down

WASHINGTON — President Obama is prepared to move ahead with a limited military strike on Syria, administration officials said Thursday, despite a stinging rejection of such action Thursday by America’s stalwart ally Britain and mounting questions from Congress.

// A vibrant life, a nightclub trip, a sudden end

Brittany Flannigan’s family mourned in private Thursday after the 19-year-old’s death at Boston’s House of Blues.

Murray to pay settlement, McLaughlin indicted over fund-raising

Former lieutenant governor Timothy Murray will pay $80,000, and ex-Chelsea Housing chief Michael McLaughlin was indicted on campaign finance violations.

Robel Phillipos

Third college friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev indicted

A federal grand jury has indicted Robel Phillipos, 19, on charges of lying to investigators, despite attempts by Phillipos’s defense lawyers to resolve the case.

The Nation

George Zimmerman’s wife speaks of strain

Shellie Zimmerman said in an ABC interview that she’s going to have to ‘‘think about’’ whether she stays married to him.

Federal officials set policy on states’ marijuana laws

By Pete Yost and Gene Johnson

As long as pot is kept away from kids, the black market, and federal property, states can let people use the drug and license people to grow it, the Justice Department said.

Texas man guilty in murder for hire

By Betsy Blaney

A 52-year-old man who prosecutors say was paid in silver bars by a plastic surgeon to kill a love rival pleaded guilty to capital murder.

The World

Shaky start for new Afghan political group

A group of political players met in Kabul on Thursday as part of a plan to forge a new culture of consensus and ideas to replace ethnic and personality politics.

By Pamela Constable

A dozen of the country’s most powerful men announced they had formed a ‘‘grand coalition’’ to contest presidential elections in April.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood calls for more protests

Workers repaired a street after a protest camp near the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo was cleared on Wednesday.

By Aya Batrawy and Maggie Michael

The call for mass protests and sit-ins will test how much the fierce security crackdown has crippled the group and if they can still mobilize their base.

As Mexican courts battle scandal, judges slug it out

By Mark Stevenson

A judge sprang from his chair to push and punch two fellow justices during a court session, adding to a string of embarrassments for the country’s judicial system.

Editorial & Opinion


What crackdown on loud bikes?

Motorcycles outside the State House during a “legislative lobby day”  by the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association in 2012.

By Scot Lehigh

In the four years since an easy-to-enforce ordinance has been in effect, the Boston police have written two tickets and one warning for violations.

opinion | leland cheung

Boston will pick mayor of region

The Longfellow Bridge connects Boston and Cambridge.

By Leland Cheung

Though the candidates are vying only for the votes of Bostonians, their actions will impact citizens beyond the city’s boundaries.


First day of 41st grade

By Carlo Rotella

I look at the students in my classroom and see a club that the 18-year-old me, somehow transported to the present day, wouldn’t have a prayer of being invited to join.


Mohegan Sun inks casino pact with Palmer

Rendering of the proposed Mohegan Sun Casino in Palmer.

By Mark Arsenault

Mohegan Sun would become not only the biggest taxpayer in Palmer but would pay more to the town than all its other taxpayers combined.

Controversy over booting veteran’s service dog splits Oxford

Restaurant owner Russell Ireland has apologized for not knowing that the dog was a service animal, yet many in Oxford are pressing for a lesson to be learned.

By Brian MacQuarrie

To many in the town, the vilification of diner owner Russell Ireland is a symptom of how a petty dispute can become inflamed and distorted.

Westfield State president calls review ‘defaming’

Westfield State University President Evan Dobelle’s spending has come under scrutiny.

By Scott Allen and Andrea Estes

Evan Dobelle contends the review was illegal because the full board of trustees did not approve it in advance.

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Police cracking down on drinking violations around BU

By Travis Andersen and Nicholas Jacques


West Bridgewater police cite 42 drivers for texting

By Nicholas Jacques

Diesel fuel spilled into New Bedford harbor

By David Abel and Jasper Craven


Bank provides college ID that doubles as ATM card

A Sovereign Bank at Logan Airport.

By Deirdre Fernandes

Sovereign Bank will provide the smart cards to more than 2,000 students at Wheelock College in Boston and Mt. Ida College in Newton.

Shirley Leung

Menino bet big on summer jobs

Mayor Thomas M. Menino spoke at a press conference in July announcing land gift from Gillette to Artists for Humanity to help expand the nonprofit's facility and increase job opportunities for teens.

By Shirley Leung

Jobs don’t just put cash in kids’ pockets; they’re also a social investment that keeps teenagers off the streets and out of trouble when school ends.

Boston fast food workers strike for higher wages

Several fast food restaurants were picketed on American Legion Highway in Roslindale Thursday in a push for better wages.

By Gail Waterhouse

The rallies marked the biggest effort yet to bring the wages of behind-the-counter employees up to $15 an hour.


Charles Boutselis, 84, of Lowell; ‘gifted storyteller,’ proud Greek

Through stories, Mr. Boutselis tried to teach his children and his grandchildren to do the right thing.

By Melissa Hanson

Mr. Boutselis devoted much of his free time to Greek institutions in Lowell, where he lived his entire life.

Peter Huttenlocher, his study changed perceptions on human brain; at 82

Peter Huttenlocher noticed a significant decline in the number of synapses by the time a child becomes a teenager.

By William Yardley

Dr. Huttenlocher’s research helped establish the brain as an adaptive organism but one in which the ability to adapt declines with age.

Bruce Murray, 81; ex-director of Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Bruce Murray sat near a full-scale model of the Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1979.

By Sue Manning

Dr. Murray battled Washington and NASA over money, projects, and policy.


on football

Was this Tim Tebow’s final NFL ride?

Tim Tebow and center Matt Stankiewitch took it to another level after the Patriots scored their final touchdown.

By Ben Volin

If Tebow doesn’t make the cut in Foxborough, it’s likely that his pro career is over, after three-plus years in the NFL.

Christopher L. Gasper

Concussion settlement a win for NFL owners

“I did not know what the long-term repercussions were from multiple hits to the head. Don’t tell me I knew. I didn’t know,” former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson said at a 2011 concussion conference at Boston Children’s Hospital.

By Christopher L. Gasper

In the end, the NFL will have made more money than it lost with this deal. The players are getting their share, but as usual it’s not proportionate.

orioles 3, red sox 2

David Ortiz’s slump lingers in Red Sox loss

David Ortiz flipped his helmet after hitting a fly ball to left field in the third inning.

By Peter Abraham

Ortiz is now 0-for-his-last-22 as the Red Sox came up short in the series finale against the Orioles.

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Patriots 28, Giants 20

In preseason finale, Tim Tebow rallies Patriots

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Patriots refute Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez

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Tiger Woods feels no back pain, ready to play

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Red Sox seeing what Xander Bogaerts can do

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Red Sox prospect Teddy Stankiewicz thriving in Lowell

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News analysis

Marathon field poised to be bigger, better

By Shira Springer

college football roundup

Roundup: Visiting Towson upsets UConn

Downs & Distance

NCAA went on wasted witch hunt with Johnny Manziel

By Jim McBride

Deutsche Bank Championship

Notebook: Big names come out for a little fun

By Michael Whitmer

G: Arts & Movies

Crumbling hopes for Harvard Square sculpture

“Omphalos” by Dimitri Hadzi.

By Geoff Edgers

“Omphalos” by artist and Harvard professor Dimitri Hadzi, located in the pedestrian peninsula shared by Out of Town News, faces the prospect of demolition or removal.

Photography Review

When photographers propose that anything goes

Ralph Eugene Meatyard’s “Romance of Ambrose Bierce #3.”

By Mark Feeney

“Shadowplay: Transgressive Photography from the Hood Museum of Art” shows how complicated, and interesting, the interplay between audience, artist, and subject can be.

Classical Notes

A rich season of contemporary music beckons

Jeffrey Means directs Sound Icon.

By David Weininger

Boston’s contemporary music offerings may be discrete, but they add up to an uncommonly substantial selection of works.

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‘One Direction’ is one-dimensional

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Endless Summer at Good Life

By Vanessa Fernandes

If Hanson can brew beer, what can other acts make?

By Sarah Rodman, James Reed and Michael Andor Brodeur

Love Letters

Talking about money


Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings ‘Don Jon’ to Brookline

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Big Sean hypes CD — and shoes — in Harvard Square

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Another successful WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


‘Say Yes’ showcases local brides

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein