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Correction chief, staff rebuked in patient death

Governor Deval Patrick on Saturday announced sweeping disciplinary measures against three prison guards and three high-ranking Department of Correction officials for the roles they played in the 2009 death of 23-year-old Joshua K. Messier as guards attempted to restrain him at Bridgewater State Hospital. Patrick formally reprimanded Correction Commissioner Luis S. Spencer for his inaction in Messier’s death, which was ruled a homicide four years ago. He also called for the resignation of Assistant Deputy Commissioner Karen Hetherson from her $117,000-a-year job for overruling a 2011 report that cited two guards for misconduct. Patrick placed three guards on paid administrative leave, saying at least two should face disciplinary proceedings for improper use of force. “Mr. Messier’s death was tragic,” Patrick said. “When tragedies happen during this administration, I expect the responsible officials to get the facts and deal squarely with them. That did not happen here.”

Ron Wenzel inspected 400 buckets on trees that produce thousands of gallons of maple sap in Hebron, Conn.


A jolt for the science behind harvesting maple sap

Scientists at a research lab deep in the maple woods of northern Vermont have made a discovery that could revolutionize New England’s most tradition-steeped form of agriculture. But their work may also threaten a cherished way of life.

Roee Grutman, 17, played outside the day before he died.

A Newton boy left this life without a note or clue

Roee Grutman, 17, became the third student in Newton to commit suicide this academic year, following two girls in October.

Russia moves on Ukraine, taking over Crimea

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — Russian armed forces seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula on Saturday, as the Russian Parliament granted President Vladimir Putin broad authority to use military force in response to the political upheaval that dislodged a Kremlin ally and installed a new, staunchly pro-Western government.

Joshua Oppenheimer behind the scenes in “The Act of Killing.”


Harvard film program alumni get Oscar recognition

Three films by former Harvard classmates are among the five nominated for an Oscar for best documentary feature.