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Fisher asked for $1 million to drop lawsuit, GOP says

Gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher allegedly demanded the money in exchange for dropping his challenge to get on the GOP primary ballot.

BC will return its interviews on Ireland

The information on the tapes about the Northern Ireland conflict led to the recent detainment of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

Mass. gambling official attended Suffolk Downs party

Stephen P. Crosby, the state’s top gambling regulator, is one of five public officers who will decide if a casino proposal at Suffolk Downs will get a coveted license.

The Nation

White House offers to show senators drone memo

By Nedra Pickler

The White House is hoping the memo’s disclosure will lead to confirmation of David Barron for the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.

Candidates backed by Tea Party fare poorly in GOP primaries

By Jonathan Martin

Tuesday was the beginning of a busy primary season, with elections scheduled nearly every week over the next two months.

The World

New kidnapping reported in Nigeria as US offers help

Members of the Chibok community in Abuja, Nigeria, rallied Tuesday to demand action to rescue the schoolgirls.

By Adam Nossiter

Armed extremists in northern Nigeria have carried out another brazen kidnapping of young girls, the UN Children’s Fund and a local official said Tuesday.

Ukraine tightens cordon around rebellious city

The Ukrainian army manned a checkpoint Tuesday set up on the edge of Slovyansk, part of its efforts to to expunge pro-Russia forces from the eastern city.

By Peter Leonard

The foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia met Tuesday, but their open disagreements did nothing to suggest a diplomatic solution was near.

4 employed by operator of doomed South Korean ferry are arrested

People prayed Tuesday for the ferry’s victims at Jindo harbor. A diver who lost consciousness underwater died.

By Choe Sang-Hun

The four officials have been arrested on charges of overloading the ship with cargo, a senior prosecutor said Tuesday.

Editorial & Opinion


Japan needs military options

Members of a Japanese Self-Defense Forces honor guard march in Tokyo. Japan marked the 67th anniversary of its postwar constitution with growing debate over whether to revise the war-renouncing document. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling conservative party has long advocated revision but been unable to sway public opinion.

By Jeff Jacoby

Until recently, Japan’s pacifist, post-war constitution has been an untouchable barrier.


Public sector agencies must get the basics right

By Scot Lehigh

The time to ask questions about government agencies is now, not in the aftermath of tragedy.

Joseph Guay and Michéle Lamont

Is neoliberalism a threat to civil rights?

By Joseph Guay and Michéle Lamont

Traditional racism can sometimes survive under the cover of evenhandedness.


BC will return its interviews on Ireland

Police in Northern Ireland detained Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams for questioning for four days.

By Peter Schworm

The information on the tapes about the Northern Ireland conflict led to the recent detainment of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

For Northeast, a harsh vision of climate change

The Northeast will be seeing less of this, according to a federal climate report, which predicts shorter, warmer winters for the region.

By David Abel and Matt Viser

The region is bearing the brunt of climate change in the nation, according to a federal report.

Mass. gambling official attended Suffolk Downs party

Gambling regulator Stephen P. Crosby paid $400 for his guests to attend the affair, Suffolk Downs said.

By Andrea Estes and Mark Arsenault

Stephen P. Crosby, the state’s top gambling regulator, is one of five public officers who will decide if a casino proposal at Suffolk Downs will get a coveted license.

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Tsarnaev friends seek OK on clothes

By Milton J. Valencia

Fall River

Hernandez associate to face murder charge

By John R. Ellement


Las Vegas judge to send TelexFree case back to Mass.

By Beth Healy

The SEC alleged that the company filed for bankruptcy in Las Vegas merely to evade Boston-area regulators and victims in an alleged fraud.

Boston Fed to cut 160 jobs

By Deirdre Fernandes

The job cuts amount to about 15 percent of the Boston Fed’s approximately 1,100 employees.

Merck deal with Bayer could be a boon for Boston

A Merck building in Summit, N.J.

By Robert Weisman

The pharmaceutical giant joined the wave of biopharma dealmaking Tuesday, while emphasizing its commitment to its research lab in Boston.


Jimmy Ellis, Ali’s friend who won boxing crown, dies at 74

Jimmy Ellis (right) missed with his attempt to punch Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden.  Mr. Ellis lost the match and his heavyweight crown that night.

By Stephen Miller and David Henry

Mr. Ellis beat Jerry Quarry to become World Boxing Association heavyweight champion in 1968 and fought the era’s best fighters including his friend Muhammad Ali.

William Worthy, 92; reporter battled US over access to world leaders

After William Worthy (left) slipped into China for interviews with Chou En-lai (right), among other Chinese leaders, he was stripped of his passport by US officials.

By Bryan Marquard

A Boston-born journalist, Mr. Worthy changed passport law when he took on the US government by reporting in foreign countries where the State Department had restricted travel.

Gerald Guralnik, a ‘God particle’ pioneer, dies at 77

Gerald Guralnik (left) visited the CERN research center in Geneva with Brown University colleague Ulrich Heintz. The center is the site of the Large Hadron Collider.

By William Yardley

Dr. Guralnik was one of six pioneering physicists who in the 1960s came up with a theory that nearly 50 years later would lead to the discovery of a subatomic particle.


Canadiens 4, Bruins 2

Canadiens put Bruins in big hole

Tomas Plekanec opened the scoring with a goal in the first period.

By Amalie Benjamin

The Bruins couldn’t find their comeback magic in Game 3 as a third-period rally fizzled and they slipped into a 2-1 series deficit.


So, where are the Big Bad Bruins?

Claude Julien and the Bruins found themselves in a 2-1 series hole after Game 3 in Montreal.

By Dan Shaughnessy

The Bruins are supposed to be the better team, so why are they trailing the Canadiens, 2-1, in the series? Why have they led for only 11½ minutes?

Red Sox 4, Reds 3 (12 inn.)

Red Sox prevail over Reds in extra innings

The Red Sox’ Grady Sizemore (right) prepares for a celebration after his game-winning hit in the 12th inning.

By Peter Abraham

Grady Sizemore drove in David Ortiz in the 12th inning with a blast to the left field wall.

G: Food

In search of real Mexican tacos

Taqueria Jalisco in East Boston serves carnitas tacos with sauces made from chile de árbol and tomatillo and cilantro.

By Erin Ailworth

A search for the tacos of her childhood took writer Erin Ailworth, a transplanted California-Mexican, all over Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, and Allston.

Taco lineup in the Boston area

Co-owner Hugo Mendez at Beantown Taqueria.

Where to go for tacos in Boston.

Letter from China

A crescendo of joy as BSO visits China

A screen remained lit during Sunday’s performance, giving the feel of a stadium spectacle.

By Jeremy Eichler

The Boston Symphony Orchestra recently performed in Shanghai, for an audience that took nothing about the concert for granted.

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Rachel Dratch in the kitchen with Ming Tsai

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Joani Geltman’s reading is a mother-daughter affair

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New Hampshire’s Alex Preston to take turn as finalist on ‘Idol’

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M.I.A. sticks to her guns at House of Blues

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