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John Kerry pushes for broad-based Iraq government

John Kerry arrived in Amman, Jordan.

AFP/Getty Images pool

The secretary of state did not call for the resignation of the prime minister.

Michael Botticelli, who spoke in Worcester, believes the best way to fight opioid abuse is to reduce demand.

Substance help from one who struggled

US drug czar Michael Botticelli builds on the lessons of his own recovery.

Mass. bill targets welfare fraud

The measure would amount to the most significant welfare revision since 1995.

Crash kills couple on a stroll in Back Bay

Jack Lanzillotti, a Red Sox employee, and his girlfriend Jessica Campbell “were fun and loving with each other,” a relative said.

Rosemary Clancy performed with her father, Gene, at her Chatham music center.

Julia Cumes

Fiddler created a traditional music scene on the Cape

Rosemary Clancy left her job to make violins and now runs a shop in Chatham at the center of a vibrant community.