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Pining for the cubicle? Believe it.

Somerville, MA., 05/25/16, Micaelah Morrill at Greentown Labs. As more companies go to open office plans, workers wax nostalgic for the privacy and distraction-free zone of the much-hated cubicle. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

A funny thing is happening as cubicles disappear from the workplace: People have started recalling them fondly.

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As the campaign veers toward November, the Clinton camp is looking to expand their ranks of young supporters.


// Globe editorial board: Ban assault weapons now

The US has been pummeled by gun violence. One class of gun, the AR-15 style, has largely made it possible. We can make it stop. 

// Mass. delegation frustrated about lack of action on guns

The state’s members of Congress say there is little they can do to advance gun-control measures in the Republican-controlled body.

// Baby’s death at Lynn shelter investigated

Eight months after Charles Brand III died after being found not breathing in a homeless shelter, his cause of death remains unknown.

// With clock ticking, Mass. legislators’ to-do list is long

State lawmakers appear headed for a volatile finale to their two-year session, with an unbalanced budget and many bills pending.