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Chuck Berry performed at the Music Hall on Oct. 6, 1971.

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In 2017, we said goodbye to a galaxy of luminaries

The deaths of such cultural game-changers as Chuck Berry and Mary Tyler Moore struck a poignant note in 2017, a year when notions of race and gender were being tested.

// Are you crazy? No, just a (cold) Patriots fan.

It was the third coldest Patriots game since 1993. Yet the fans didn’t complain much, in true New England fashion.

Sports gambling case has Massachusetts casinos at the ready

The odds are fairly good that the state’s gambling market will significantly change before all the state’s casinos are open.


How Dr. Phil’s new addiction recovery venture trades on his TV show’s marketing clout

One Florida facility that Dr. Phil endorsed on his show as one of the best in the nation has a troubled owner and has had scores of teens go missing in the past two years.