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Students held a demonstration in front of the White House on Monday in support of gun control.

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After Parkland shooting, Trump takes a new look at background checks

The president is said to be in a reflective mood after meeting with victims and community members after the Florida school shooting.

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// ‘I just want it to stop’: Women get sex toys in packages they didn’t order

Nicole Slotterbeck wasn’t just annoyed by the “mystery” packages that kept arriving from Amazon. She was frightened. First was the bra — in her size. Then came even more intimate merchandise.

Partners HealthCare will outsource some expensive, back-office jobs to India

Many of the employees have worked for Partners for several years, or even decades.

// Opioid crisis weighs on New Hampshire’s chief medical examiner

There’s just one full-time medical examiner in a state that leads the nation in per-capita deaths caused by fentanyl and other synthetic opioids.

// To protect right whales, scientists propose major changes for lobstermen

Scientists are proposing a novel idea that they say would protect the whales, but lobstermen are afraid that it could destroy their livelihoods.