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2/10/2018 - South Boston, MA - Lincoln Tavern - Diners at Lincoln Tavern, shared portions of their sizable meal. Brunch is the Donald Trump of meals -- hated with a passion by some, but also beloved, and with a base that can't be denied. Many restaurants are adding Saturday brunch and Lincoln Tavern now has brunch 7 days a week. And the meals pack a caloric punch: brunch has 1/3 more calories than dinner. Topic: 14brunch. Story by Beth Teitell/Globe Staff. Photo by Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Brunch is the new Saturday Night

In Boston, a growing number of restaurants are adding Saturday brunch.

// Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Mueller inquiry and will cooperate

Rick Gates is a longtime political consultant who once served as Trump’s deputy campaign chairman.

// A chink in the NRA armor? Boycott against gun lobby’s business partners claims wins

MetLife, Enterprise car rentals, airlines, and Boston home security startup SimpliSafe dropped NRA deals after the Parkland shooting.

Daniel Risteen, the third in command at the State Police, has retired, and Leigha Genduso (left) has been suspended without pay.

Bill Brett for The Boston Globe/File 2017

Two more high-ranking officials at Massachusetts State Police retire

The retirements are the latest fallout from the controversy over how police handled the arrest of a judge’s daughter.

// Making his phone dumber was the smartest thing he ever did

Realizing his phone usage had gotten out of control, a Globe reporter made the decision to go on a smartphone diet — with surprising results.