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In the maestro’s thrall

Cleveland Orchestra Conductor George Szell (second from left) with Cleveland Orchestra Associates (left to right) Stephen Portman, Michael Charry, and James Levine in 1966.

Peter Hastings/Cleveland Orchestra Archives

They were known as ‘Levinites’ — the young musical acolytes who bent to the will of James Levine in all things, back when the conductor was the brightest emerging star in conducting. From the outside, it seemed a charmed circle; the reality inside was otherwise: dark, sexually charged, and often demeaning.

// On the street where he lived, fear grew slowly

Farrow Street in Winchester feels like a place preserved from another time.

// Warren’s consumer dream dismantled

Trump budget czar Mick Mulvaney is systematically defanging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau dreamed up by Elizabeth Warren.

Ty Burr

#TimesUp for predictable Oscars

Is the old-fashioned mass-appeal Oscar movie dying? We may find out Sunday night.