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An Airbnb advertisement for a room in South Boston.


adrian Walker

Here’s a deal — $36 a night for an Airbnb in Southie. One problem — it’s in a public housing unit

A tenant in the Mary Ellen McCormack housing project in South Boston has been renting out a spare bedroom for close to two years, shocking officials when they learned about it.

// State Police order investigation into their handling of fatal crash

State Police Colonel Kerry Gilpin ordered an independent investigation that will include the agency’s failure to tell prosecutors of missteps allegedly made by troopers before the crash.

Support for the demolished Long Island Bridge in Boston Harbor.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Boston plans to float in parts for bridge to Long Island

The city is hoping to assuage officials from nearby Quincy who are worried about noisy construction vehicles rumbling down their roads.


// Tom Brady is doing things on his terms now

It’s not that football isn’t important anymore, but at this point, it’s not more important than family.

// Nancy Pelosi doesn’t plan on going anywhere

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Nancy Pelosi said she would run for Speaker of the House if Democrats gain control in the House of Representatives.