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Wes Buckley shared a laugh with Mary Kravec while warming up for a hootenanny at the former home of Alice Brock in Great Barrington. The onetime church was bought by Arlo Guthrie in 1991 and now houses the Guthrie Foundation, a not-for-profit educational foundation named for his parents, Woody and Marjorie Guthrie.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff


What’s changed since ‘Alice’s Restaurant’? Everything, and nothing at all

Alice Brock is best known as the Alice from Arlo Guthrie’s venerable antiwar anthem “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree.”

// Partners HealthCare, Harvard Pilgrim discussing possible merger

If Partners and Harvard Pilgrim do move forward with a deal, they are likely to face scrutiny in a state where policymakers and consumer groups are focused on controlling medical costs.

David Bower and Nezha Mediouni were married at the Boston Harbor Hotel on April 7.

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This couple avoided the angst of wedding planning with a $36,000 click

If you could put a price on avoiding all that stress, what would you pay? For David Bower and Nezha Mediouni, it was a cool $36,000.

// Amherst College student was murdered in Mexico, family says

The family of Andrew Dorogi said that he was murdered, their first public comments on a case that has been kept largely under wraps.