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Raising Connor

Nelson, NH- September 02, 2017: Connor Biscan stood atop a small rock and searched the sky for the balloons he had lost at a family gathering in Nelson, N.H., on Labor Day weekend last September. Connor had flown the balloons in an open field behind his great-grandfather's house. When the kite string broke and the balloons snagged on a tree, Connor became anxious. His mother, Roberta Biscan, praised him for remaining calm. As a baby, balloon was his first word. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff) section: metro reporter: kowalczyk

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Connor Biscan’s family gave a Globe reporter and photographer access into his world and their struggles, believing it might help other families.

// Sunshine Lady’s charitable work for Warren Buffett clouded over

Bitter internal feuding over Doris Buffett’s charitable work is raising questions about how her wealth is being managed.

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For Vivian Du, a senior at Malden High School, the price of UMass Amherst after she received her financial aid package came as a shock.

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

Needy students squeezed at UMass Amherst

The state’s flagship university is moving out of reach for the best and brightest if they don’t have a big enough bank account.