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These helicopter parents are 90. Their kids? 65

A growing number of middle-aged folks have at least one living parent.

// Many public college students in Massachusetts go hungry while trying to earn degrees

Nearly half of Massachusetts’ community college students and a third in the state colleges and universities cannot afford consistent access to food and housing.

// In the shadow of large-scale developments, East Cambridge small businesses brace for impact

It is easy to wonder how, in the era of Amazon and Whole Foods, some of these small businesses are able to survive at all — and for how much longer.

Alex Speier

// A ‘Fortnite’ obsession isn’t to blame for David Price’s carpal tunnel syndrome

The Red Sox pitcher, his teammates, and doctors don’t think video gaming has an adverse effect on on-field performance.

// Israel hits Iranian targets in Syria as shadow war bursts into open

The Israeli military on Thursday said it attacked nearly all of Iran’s military installations in neighboring Syria in response to an Iranian rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the occupied Golan Heights.