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58 Palestinians killed, hundreds wounded from Israeli fire amid embassy move

Men carried a wounded Palestinian protester away from the scene.


It’s the worst day of carnage in Gaza since Israel’s 2014 invasion.

// ‘Sweet Caroline’? To some fans, the longstanding tradition is no good (no good, no good)

After 15 years, even some of the song’s once-ardent supporters are wondering if it’s time to change things up at Fenway Park.

// Here’s what the sports gambling ruling means for Massachusetts

Can you start betting on sports now in Massachusetts? What about online? Here’s a look at what the US Supreme Court ruling means for locals.

// Fire service jobs are elusive for many women in Boston and beyond

In 2016, 89 women applied to work in the Boston Fire Department. None made the force, according to state data.

Jeff Casler at Thrive Exchange, his new store on Newbury Street.

Gretchen Ertl for The Boston Globe

2nd Time Around founder tries a 3rd act with throwback streetwear

Instead of preppy Lilly Pulitzer threads, J.Crew cardigans, and Diane von Furstenberg dresses, there’s a distinctly different vibe in Jeff Casler’s newest venture, Thrive Exchange.