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Chema Luengo (left), head of product development, innovation, had a meeting with Jake Auchincloss, product manager, innovation, with Liberty Mutual's Solaria Innovation Lab, which has its offices in the Back Bay WeWork.

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Large companies, not just startups, embrace co-working spots

Private corner offices are out; collaborative bullpens are in. And employers want amenities to attract workers.

// Bowing to new landscape, NCAA reverses course on sports betting ban

The decision to suspend the ban could bring NCAA tournament games to Las Vegas, and free other states, including Massachusetts, to legalize sports gambling without the fear of losing the ability to host the contests.

Shirley Leung

// This Mass. organization is banning the all-too-common all-male panel

The Mass. Biotechnology Council will no longer host or sponsor event panels that feature only men.

// Special counsel Mueller investigation enters Year Two: What comes next

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 election turned a year old on Thursday.

// A field guide to bride Meghan Markle’s embarrassing relatives

Markle’s relatives have gone so nutty in so many ways you almost have to admire their creativity.