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At Harvard’s 1968 commencement, police removed demonstrators from Harvard Yard. The group was protesting the choice of the Shah of Iran as commencement speaker. Third from right is Donald King.

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50 years later, Harvard graduates look back on year of tumult and tragedy

Many graduates have gone on to great personal and professional success, of course, but many feel disillusioned by the state of the country and regret over what might have been.

// Scientists in Mass. and beyond are working to slow the aging process

Serious scientists, who’ve long scoffed at “anti-aging” products such as nutritional supplements and growth hormones, are now warming to the idea of slowing human aging.

House Democrats dream of oversight bonanza after midterms

If Democrats win the House in November, more than 20 Democratic chairmen would suddenly gain the power to compel reluctant witnesses to testify in front of their committees.

// As the other world turns: How a trip to Mars thwarted and ignited love

Three years ago, three locals were selected among 100 finalists for an ambitious project to colonize Mars.