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At Mount Ida, a mysterious benefactor with ties to the school’s president loaned it $16 million

Rosalie Stahl, a 98-year-old New York City real estate investor, is a longtime personal client of college president Barry Brown.

George McGrath, 70, a prisoner at MCI-Norfolk who was convicted of murder in 1969, is seeking a medical parole.

Meredith Nierman/WGBH News

State wants to show compassion to ill inmates — and save money

With one of the oldest prison populations in the country, the state is looking to reduce the number of incapacitated and ill inmates, potentially saving taxpayers millions.

// When this wax museum opened in Boston, it was hard not to wonder: ‘Why?’

They’re dated, sure, but wax museums play an important societal role: They allow us to feel superior to something.

// ‘It’s really raw right now.’ Stoughton mourns after 4 high school students die in weekend car crash

Four teens died in Saturday afternoon’s crash and the driver remains hospitalized. One victim was 16; the others were 17.

For Bradley Campbell, waterfront access is key. Above, the proposed 150 Seaport.

Elkus Manfredi

Did this environmental group cross the line? Or does an overdeveloped waterfront need defending?

The Conservation Law Foundation’s president is riling city officials and community members alike with what they call a combative approach to regulating waterfront development.