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Boston Police Officer Jorge Dias chatted with two youths at the Mildred C. Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Double shooting brings unwanted, but all too familiar feeling of fear to JP housing development

The shooting was the latest setback for the development, where tenants have worked with police and city officials over the years to improve the feeling of community.

// Beacon Hill moves to raise $50 million in fees on rental cars, real estate transactions

Legislators argue the new money is needed for police training, county government, parks and open spaces, affordable housing, and historic preservation.

// GOP support for Robert Mueller’s probe is falling

President Trump’s months of political attacks against the Mueller investigation, fueled by lies and distortions, are working, despite pushback by some Republicans.

// The new insult: calling someone middle aged. Even — or especially — if they are

We need a better term for people aged 40-65. Mid-century moderns, perhaps?


// Pioneering surgery makes a prosthetic foot feel like the real thing

For patient Jim Ewing, a new robotic foot has become a seamless part of his body in a way that has never been accomplished before with a prosthetic limb.