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The face in the waves

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Jaimee was beloved. Jaimee was struggling. Then Jaimee was gone. Her family threw everything into solving the first mystery — who killed her. The second was so much harder. How could they live on without her?


// 50 years after RFK’s death, legacy endures

Robert Francis Kennedy, slain in Los Angeles 50 years ago this week, seems oddly alive today. His ideas and legacy remain fresh, vibrant, unsettling, and challenging.

// Leading hunger relief charity challenged on its claim of low costs

Food for the Poor, critics say, greatly inflates its total donations by putting huge and questionable valuations on noncash gifts such as medicines.

MIT professor Patrick Winston said stories are “a fundamental differentiating capability of us humans. And machines don’t have it yet.”

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Toil and trouble: How ‘Macbeth’ could teach computers to think

A veteran artificial intelligence researcher at MIT hopes to map human thought by watching his computer try to read “Macbeth” and other literary works.