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Bodies of three women found at home of Springfield kidnapping suspect identified

The bodies were identified as those of Ernestine Ryans, 47, and America Lyden, 34, both of Springfield, and Kayla Escalante, 27, of Ludlow. Two of the women had been reported missing.

E.L. Harvey & Sons has faced a space crunch at its site in Westborough, forcing it to pay for the removal of refuse it was once able to sell.

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

New China policies spark disarray in region’s recycling industry

The increasing amount of forbidden waste entering processing plants has sparked a backlash in the countries that convert the material into useful products.

// As Boston targets Airbnb, workers worry about jobs

Boston is mulling tough new rules to rein in short-term rentals, but some in the burgeoning business of servicing apartments say their jobs could disappear in the process.

// How many state employees get tax-free perks? Officials are on a hunt to find out

The state comptroller has launched a sweeping investigation to root out untaxed perks given to public employees, following revelations that Mass. failed to pay taxes on tens of millions of dollars in commuting perks for troopers.

Zombie Rapunzel

United Trademark Holdings Inc.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your trademark restrictions

A private company wants to lock a princess’s name in a castle. But this attempt to trademark the name Rapunzel has unleashed fervent opposition at Suffolk University Law School.