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Scaffolding framed a worker outside Boston Collegiate Charter School, which is expanding its Dorchester site.

Lane Turner/Globe Staff

Building boom at Boston charter schools outpaces that at other city schools

Nearly a dozen charter school projects total almost $300 million and will create about 600,000 square feet for 5,700 students, according to a Globe analysis.

// For more Boston restaurants, staying in business means being an open book

Restaurateurs are embracing the challenges of tight margins and high stakes with a novel solution: sharing their financial information with their workers. 

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Trump has never faced an adversary like Kim Jong Un

President Trump has never been in a faceoff with a ruthless dictator who has imprisoned and executed huge numbers of his citizens.

Sean P. Murphy | The Fine Print

// Apartment management won’t return security deposit? That’s just one problem at this Revere complex

Gunnar Vincens simply wanted his $1,700 security deposit after he moved out of Water’s Edge in Revere. At first, he got lots of assurances he’d get his money. He’s still waiting.

// New trial sought for man jailed in Mattapan deaths

Lawyers for Dwayne Moore are asserting that new cellphone records indicate that the prosecution’s star witness, Kimani Washington, lied to the jury.