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Portraits in the Louis Bornstein Family Amphitheater will be dispersed to help foster a more diverse environment.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

In an about-face, hospital will disperse portraits of past white male luminaries, put the focus on diversity

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has plans to remove portraits of former department chairs — all men, all white save one — that have lined its amphitheater for decades.

// City Council passes tough rules that limit Airbnb rentals

After months of debate, the city passed rules designed to sharply rein in Boston’s fast-growing short-term rental business and help ease the tight housing market.

// A battle is happening over whether natural maple syrup has added sugar

Those two little words — added sugars — have set off a raging argument between the FDA and boutique producers of maple syrup and honey.


// Topless women with company logos painted on their bodies danced at unofficial party during BIO convention

“Objectifying women — in this case, even physically branding them with sponsorship of companies in our industry — it just felt so wrong,” one attendee said.

// Patrick stays quiet as his former aide runs for governor

Because he is now a managing director at Bain Capital, Deval Patrick says, he is barred under federal rules from saying anything about any candidates for state or local office.