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Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners’ Action League of Massachusetts.

Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe/file 2013

State urges police chiefs to strip gun licenses from hundreds previously approved

The abrupt reversal comes after federal law enforcement officials said that the state’s Firearms License Review Board was clearing applicants who were disqualified from owning guns under federal law.

// Comey cited as ‘insubordinate,’ but report finds no bias in FBI decision to clear Clinton

Former FBI Director James Comey was “insubordinate” in his handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, a critical Justice Department report concluded Thursday.

N.Y. sues Trump Foundation over way it used funds

The scathingly worded lawsuit accuses the charity and the Trump family of sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing, and illegal coordination with the presidential campaign.

// Help wanted, but not from older workers: Many struggle to find jobs as employers post openings

Despite the tight labor market, many employees over 50 struggle to find work in the fields where they built their careers.

// Boston’s retro-style MidTown Hotel may give way to development

In what has become a neighborhood of swank hotels and sleek skyscrapers, the MidTown remains a reminder of a simpler Boston. But maybe not much longer.