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Secret VA nursing-home ratings hid poor quality care from public

Nearly half of Veterans Affairs nursing homes nationwide received the lowest possible quality ranking last year, but the agency kept its ratings from the public.

Sharon, MA - 6/12/18 - Barry Arntz talks about the $119, 425.61 bill of deferred taxes and interest due to the town of Sharon, for his mother's home. Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff Topic: 18consumer Reporter: Sean Murphy

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Sean P. Murphy | The Fine Print

An inheritance damaged by delayed property taxes

Barry Arntz thought he and his sister owned the house passed down to them by their deceased mother “free and clear” — no mortgages, no liens, no encumbrances of any sort.

// Questions raised about City Hall ties of outside counsel investigating Fire Department

An outside counsel who is reviewing the Boston Fire Department’s handling of misconduct allegations has a long history of representing City Hall.

Representative Joe Kennedy III spoke during a rally in Tornillo, Texas, to protest the Trump administration’s policy on separating migrant children from their parents.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre for the Boston Globe

Joe Kennedy protests Trump’s family-separation policy

The Massachusetts congressman joined protesters in Texas Sunday, blasting President Trump and comparing those who are fleeing violence today to his own ancestors.


// This summer, there will be no vacation from Trump talk

US residents traveling abroad this summer will soon learn there is no escaping the president.