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“I don’t think limiting someone from having dinner will move the conversation in the right direction. It just heightens tension,” said Chris Coombs, chef-owner of several Boston-area restaurants.

Globe Staff/file 2013

Would you ask someone to leave your restaurant? Boston owners say that’s tricky 

What happens when your meal is served with a side of politics? Restaurateurs say navigating that question can be difficult.

// Every spring, students throw their lives away. Now, colleges are recycling that old stuff

Campus sustainability teams are working to reuse, sell, or donate gently used goods left over at the end of the year.

Raises for Methuen officers are astronomical — and a surprise for the city

The pay increases would make the five captains the highest-paid police officers in the state, giving them a salary that would exceed Governor Charlie Baker’s annual pay.

// After no new taxes pledge, Baker faces grand bargain bill — with an $800 million new tax

The bill includes a family and medical leave program funded by a new $800 million payroll tax on workers and employers in Massachusetts. So, will Governor Charlie Baker sign the bill?

// Dr. Atul Gawande has long searched for a cure for the health care system

Gawande, CEO of a company formed in the hope of transforming health care, has studied processes and systems that can make a difference between life and death.