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Newspaper shooter wanted to ‘kill as many people as he could kill,’ police say

The attack at the Maryland newspaper, which killed five people and left two others injured, appears to be the deadliest involving journalists in the United States in decades.

The scathing 377-page report by a court-appointed special master took aim at the business practices of three well-known firms, including Boston-based Thornton Law Firm and its managing partner, former representative Garrett Bradley.

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Investigation alleges misconduct by Thornton Law Firm, recommends severe sanctions

The revelations and findings contained in the long-awaited report may change the way courts across the country handle class action lawsuits.

// Democrats, with few options to stall Trump’s Supreme Court pick, will emphasize abortion stakes

Senate Democrats are vowing a fight for the ages to stop President Trump’s as-yet-unnamed Supreme Court pick from getting confirmed.

// Stay or go? Decision time nears for displaced Puerto Rican families

Federal housing help for Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria is coming to an end on Saturday.

// Interim schools chief ready to make ‘important moves’

Laura Perille, president and CEO of EdVestors, said the mayor and school committee chairman have given her broad authority.