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Kakuma, Kenya - 5/11/2018 - Students make their way to school at the UNHCR refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya, May 11, 2018. Established in 1992 following the arrival the

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

For refugees in Kenya, an education in hope

The Kakuma Refugee Camp is a holding center for thousands dispossessed by war and conflict. A New Hampshire university has made it the focus of its global plans.

In Warren, Patrick, two ways to take on Trump

On the issues, Deval Patrick and Elizabeth Warren are almost twins. But their contrasting styles offer a window into a debate coursing through the Democratic Party.

Christine Hochkeppel for the Boston Globe

For some seniors, a cultural shift and a vital volunteerism

The village movement, which originated in Boston, is part of a wave of volunteerism gathering strength at a time when governments are strapped for cash.

// State officials, families alarmed by spate of drowning deaths

At least eight people have died in apparent drownings across Massachusetts since the final days of June.