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A 15-year-old mental health patient waited for a room in the emergency room at South Shore Hospital in 2016.


Long ER waits persist for children in mental health crises

A backlog in emergency departments slows treatment for mentally ill patients and creates stress for doctors and nurses, who are generally not well-trained to manage patients who might be psychotic, violent, or suicidal.

// Trump says he misspoke at summit with Putin

Under unrelenting pressure from congressional Republicans, his own advisers, and his allies on Fox News, President Trump abruptly reversed course on Tuesday and contended he had misspoken during a news conference with President Vladimir Putin about whether Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election.

// Boston’s battle against youth homelessness gets a big boost

On any given night, about 360 unaccompanied youths and young adults are believed to be homeless in Boston. The city won $4.9 million in federal funding to combat the problem.

// ‘Molly-Beas-Del!’ A friendship built on serendipity and a road slowly traveled

After 40 years and 40,000 miles on their bicycle, two Sharon women continue on an epic cycling quest thanks to a little voice that told them it was time to go electric.

// Two teens wait in Boston after being separated from their father at the border

Like thousands of families separated by the administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy, two teenage boys are facing a discouraging bureaucratic maze to reunite with their father.