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What separates Representative Michael Capuano, Democrat of Somerville, from challenger Ayanna Pressley?

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Michael Capuano and Ayanna Pressley: What’s the difference?

Capuano, the Somerville Democrat who has served on Capitol Hill for 20 years, and Pressley, a Boston city councilor, agree on most issues. How can they distinguish themselves?

// Breaking taboo, Chinese elders learn to express end-of-life wishes

The candid and animated talk came at one of the first events of its kind — a Heart to Heart Café — on the East Coast.

A biennial tradition: Beacon Hill lawmakers’ mad scramble

The state’s full-time Legislature has to debate, horse-trade, and reconcile priorities it has had a year and a half to work on, all before the clock strikes midnight July 31.

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For US cybersecurity, it’s Code Red

The director of national intelligence is warning that weaknesses in US cybersecurity could be setting us up for a high-tech replay of Sept. 11, 2001.