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How years of privacy controversies finally caught up with Facebook

The cost of Facebook’s missteps finally caught up with the company this week, sending its market value down more than $100 billion.

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 26: Protesters and their children participate in a sit-in in the Hart Senate Office Building to mark the court-ordered deadline for the Trump Administration to reunify thousands of families separated at the border July 26, 2018 in Washington, DC. Members of the The groups protesting, the Families Belong Together Coalition and the National Domestic Workers Alliance and children and families, protested

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Deadline brings disorder at border

As a court-ordered deadline loomed, the federal government said it had returned 1,820 children to parents, while more than 700 had not been reunited.

The Necco factory in Revere.

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No one likes being laid off, but a low jobless rate makes Necco workers hot commodities

Companies have been reaching out to the state and City of Revere to recruit hundreds of workers who abruptly lost their jobs Tuesday.

Springfield hospital cited for lapses in treating high-risk pregnant patients

One patient suffered a fatal cardiac arrest after Mercy Medical Center failed to transfer her to a hospital specialized in treating complex maternity cases.

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Inspiration or plagiarism? Writing hackles raised in Boston dispute

Accusations of plagiarism arose in June over a story chosen by the Boston Book Festival for its One City One Story program.