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A new father, killed on his way home from the hospital: Tragedy strikes in Cotuit

A US Marine veteran who was on the way home from Cape Cod Hospital two days after his daughter’s birth when he was killed in a crash early Saturday.

The Rev. Robert S. White, head of the Stigmatine Fathers and Brothers, says his order wants to remain on its hilltop property in Waltham, which has been its American headquarters for almost a century.

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Waltham votes to seize priests’ bucolic home and build a high school on the property

A tiny order of Catholic priests is threatening to go to court after the Waltham City Council voted last month to take their bucolic 46-acre property to build a campus-style high school.

// Steel tariffs make lobster traps more expensive. Lobster tariffs make the traps harder to buy

A Northbridge factory that makes the wire mesh for most of the commercial lobster traps in the US is struggling with higher costs from new tariffs on foreign steel.

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Deal struck to impose hotel tax on Airbnb units

It could raise at least $25 million a year for the state and a similar amount for cities and towns.

Adrian Walker

// Despite persistent bias, Trial Court chief says she is committed to change

Paula Carey says her courts have made headway since an earlier report.