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What’s the craziest thing about a $16,000 college application boot camp: that it has a wait list, or its secret location?

With acceptance rates plummeting, college coaching has gone extreme.

Home-health provider cuts off services to veterans when the VA fails to pay its bills

A New Hampshire home-health care provider repeatedly asked the Department of Veterans Affairs to pay its bills. Why the VA wouldn’t was a frustrating and inscrutable mystery.

// After Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics reckons with its future

TD Garden is set to host the national championships this week as the sport and its athletes are still reeling from a sexual abuse scandal.

// Agencies set ‘trap’ for immigrants seeking legal status, ACLU says

Two federal immigration agencies coordinated a campaign to bring immigrants who were seeking legal residency in for interviews at government offices, where they were then arrested.

There are still multiple areas of crumbling concrete in the Alewife garage, which reopened Monday after weekend repairs.

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff

Balanced budgets and crumbling garages are a sign of the times at the T

The MBTA reported a balanced budget for the first time in years, but at least some of its facilities are a mess.